BTRDA Rally Series News


Following the unfortunate but necessary curtailment of the Cambrian Rally for safety reasons, the BTRDA Rally Series Committee would again like to confirm that they fully support that difficult decision. It was a huge disappointment for everyone, but especially for the Cambrian Rally organisers who had been working on the...

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Let the 2017 Battle Commence !….

Having moved to its February date in 2016, the Cambrian Rally retains its position as the opening round of this year’s RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series. Between now and the end of the season, which reaches its climax in the North Yorkshire forests on 30th September, onlookers can expect a roller-coaster...

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Looking forward to a renewed challenge in 2017

We are now three weeks away from the start of the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series and things are falling into place. Firstly, we are very pleased that the Cambrian Rally will be going ahead on 11th February. It has been a very challenging time for all Stage Rally Event...

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