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Newark-based JORDAN Road Surfacing, title sponsors of the BTRDA Rally Series, was set up by Barry Jordan – or ‘Baz’ as he’s universally known! – more than 25 years ago. Having worked in the industry since he left school, he now lists amongst his clients a number of blue-chip companies, including several well-known supermarkets, plus the likes of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire County Councils. ‘As a service provider, we’re a one-stop shop,’ says Baz. Everything, apart from the tarmac, required for their contracts is available in-house and Jordan Road Surfacing’s slogan ‘Working with you – not for you’ obviously strikes a chord that, along with Baz’ dogged determination and hard work, has seen the company evolve into the success it is today.

As a self-confessed ‘petrol-head’, it was Baz’ involvement in rallying that culminated in the JORDAN Road Surfacing sponsorship of the BTRDA Rally Series which features seven of the best forest rallies that England & Wales have to offer. Baz’ love of motorsport, both on two wheels and four, dates back to his teens – indeed, this allied to a particular affinity with Ford Escorts, led to his first rally car arriving as a result of a part-exchange deal when he was 18. His initial foray into the world of competition occurred not far from home on a ‘single-venue’ event held at the former RAF base at Fulbeck in 1985. We’re not privy to how he fared but it was the beginning of an active love affair with the sport that is as big now – if not more so – than it was then!

In the past 30+ years, any number of Escorts have passed through Baz’ hands, not to mention examples of each of the ten different Mitsubishi Lancer EVOs and a Subaru Impreza formerly driven by Juha Kankkunen, the 1991/93 World Rally Champion. None has spent more than twelve months, or so, in the Jordan stable before being moved on but, when a deal for a Ford Focus World Rally Car fell through, it prompted the purchase of an ‘Historic’ specification Hillman Avenger. Not possessing a particularly illustrious pedigree in terms of competition, no great hopes were attached to its arrival but, four years and 68 rallies later, it’s still there!

Baz Jordan and Paul Wakely on their way to another class win in their Hillman Avenger       

Photos © Kevin Money

‘We’ve had such a laugh,” says Baz, ‘and it’s been great fun developing it’. A 100% finishing record on all seven rounds of the 2017 BTRDA Rally Series – no mean feat in itself – saw the Avenger finish 3rd overall in the two-wheel drive category, only beaten by a couple of far more powerful Ford Escorts. This year Baz and co-driver Paul Wakely, from West Wales, have concentrated on the Historic section of the Series, winning their class by a country mile and finishing runners-up in the category overall – and the smiles are still evident!

Running a company the size of JORDAN Road Surfacing is a 24/7 operation that requires a huge commitment and, although acutely aware that he’s in a privileged position which allows him to indulge in his passion (notwithstanding the fact that it’s Baz who has engineered that situation!), he regards rallying as free time. ‘When you’re travelling flat out through the forests, absolute concentration is required – you can’t be thinking about anything else.’ So then, and only then, does work take a back seat…

As a family man, there’s also a balance to be struck, but Baz thinks nothing of getting up at 5.00am on a Sunday morning, going and checking on a couple of jobs and being back home in plenty of time to take his wife out.  Perhaps, in addition to all the other attributes required to maintain such a busy and successful life, ‘Juggler’ should also be added to Baz’ CV!…..

Andrew Haill

Congratulations to all the 2018 Award Winners > now for the Awards Presentation !

The Trackrod Forest Stages in North Yorkshire rounded off another very successful BTRDA Rally Series sponsored by JORDAN Road Surfacing. The final 2018 championship points scores can be found HERE

Congratulations to the 2018 champions.  Matt Edwards and Darren Garrod become the 65th BTRDA Gold Star Champions and for Matt this is the culmination of a long journey which began back in 2004 when he first started to compete on BTRDA events in a 1300 Astra.  Since then he has become the BTRDA 1400 Champion and English Rally Champion in 2010 in a MG ZR and then in 2012 he was the Gold Star Championship runner up in a Mitsubishi Evo.

George Lepley is the 65th (and youngest) BTRDA Silver Star Champion Driver and Tom Woodburn is the Silver Star Co-Driver Champion.  In addition to the Silver Star titles they also won the inaugural BTRDA Rallye R2 Cup.  The BTRDA 1400 Championship titles in 2018 have been won by the Ludlow father and son team of Dave and Toby Brick, whilst Matthew Baddeley is the BTRDA Rally First Champion driver and Liam Johnson the Rally First winning co-driver.

A list of all the 2018 Award Winners can be found HERE  There are also some ‘Special Achievement Awards’ on the list to be presented by the BTRDA, but these will not be announced until the Awards Evening.  The names of all the previous BTRDA Rally Champions going right back to 1954 can be found HERE

The awards for the 2018 JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series will be presented, along with the MAXXIS MSA English Rally Championship awards, at the 2018 Dinner and Awards Ceremony which takes place on Saturday 12th January 2019 in the function suite at the Drayton Manor Hotel near Tamworth, B78 3SA.  This date also coincides with the 2019 Autosport Show at the NEC so competitors would be able to combine the two events if they wish to do so.

Ticket Application forms for the Awards Dinner can be downloaded HERE  Please note if you require accommodation there are preferential room rates available for BTRDA guests at the at the Drayton Manor Hotel.  (Details on the Ticket Application form)

The 2019 JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series calendar has now received outline MSA approval and is as published in the earlier News Item HERE     Championship Regulations will be out in early December.

2019 > The 66th year of Serious Fun!

The BTRDA is very pleased to confirm the calendar for the 2019 BTRDA Rally Series which will continue to be sponsored by JORDAN Road Surfacing.

It includes a great selection of one-day forest events, starting with the Cambrian Rally in North Wales in February and finishing at the end of September with the Trackrod Forest Stages in North Yorkshire.  The final points table will be based on each competitor’s best 5 scores, providing some flexibility to fit around family or business commitments.

2019 JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series

  • Cambrian Rally   16th February
  • Malcolm Wilson Rally   9th March
  • Rallynuts Stages Rally   13th April
  • Plains Rally   11th May
  • Nicky Grist Stages   13th July
  • Woodpecker Stages   31st  August
  • Trackrod Forest Stages   28th  September

The JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series is open to all stage rally cars compliant with current MSA Technical Regulations and, in addition to the Gold Star and Silver Star Rally Championships, includes the BTRDA 1400 Championship, BTRDA Rally First, the BTRDA Rallye R2 Cup, Historic Cup, Production Cup and the Fiesta ST Trophy. The spread of competition

classes ensures that there is something for everyone. (more details and announcements to follow)   We are pleased to confirm that all the 2019 BTRDA Rally Series events will be taking advantage of the flexible running order arrangements now permitted by Motorsport UK.         

We are grateful for the wholehearted commitment of the event organisers and the support from our title sponsor, without which we could not promote such a successful Rally Series.

Maintaining the ethos of the BTRDA, you can be sure that the 2019 JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series will continue to provide competitors and followers with some Serious Fun!

Main photo is the 2018 Silver Star Champions & BTRDA Rallye R2 Cup winners George Lepley and Tom Woodburn on the Rallynuts Stages.        (Photos courtesy of Kevin Money & Malcolm Almond)