Championship Points and Information

BTRDA Gold Star Championship

The BTRDA Gold Star Championship is open to all registered drivers and co-drivers except where competing in vehicles eligible for the BTRDA Bronze Star (1400) Championship and BTRDA Rally First Cup. The current leaders are:-

1Elliot Payne176
2Aaron Newby171
3Russ Thompson170
4Ben Friend145
5Boyd Kershaw142
1Tom Woodburn176
2Jamie Edwards171
3Steve Link170
4Cliff Simmons148
5Keegan Rees146

BTRDA Silver Star Championship

The BTRDA Silver Star® Rally Championship is exclusively for two wheel drive cars and is the leading 2 Wheel Drive Rally Championship in the UK.  It is open to competitors in classes B12, B11, B10, R2, H1/2, H3/H4.  The current leaders are:-

1Ben Friend170
2Boyd Kershaw169
3Ernie Graham150
4Andy Davidson149
5Robert Proudlock132
1Cliff Simmons170
2Keegan Rees169
3Karen Graham151
4Steven Brown132
5Tom Murphy126

BTRDA Bronze Star Rally Championship

The BTRDA Bronze Star Rally Championship is for vehicles up to 1400cc and includes classes 1400S, 1400C and RF1.4. The current leaders are:-

1Nigel Jenkins180
2Lewis Hooper160
3Dylan Fowler-Bishop158
4Chris Greenall158
5Ashley Francis-Adams151
1Kaz Jenkins180
2Rhys Edwards164
3James Greenall161
4Dan Evans160
5Matt Rogers142

BTRDA Rally First Cup

The BTRDA Rally First Cup is open to any 2 wheel drive Production Car up to 2000cc that complies with Motorsport UK Technical Regulations for Stage Rallies and the BTRDA Rally First Technical Regulations. It includes classes Class RF1.4 and RF2.0.  The current leaders are:-

1Danny Shalev75
2Lewis Hooper61
3Giles Armitage59
4Adan Quinn38
5Simon Double17
1Rhys Edwards61
2Joshua Rhodes59
3Shannon Turnbull40
4Steven Brown20
5Jessica Mitchell18

BTRDA Historic Cup

The BTRDA Historic Cup is open to any Historic Stage Rally Car that complies with the appropriate Motorsport UK Technical Regulations. The BTRDA Historic Cup includes 2 classes.    The current leaders are:-

1Ernie Graham118
2Ben Friend114
3Stephen Ward97
4Robert Gough81
5Jeremy Wells49
1Karen Graham
2Cliff Simmons114
3=Phil Sandham95
3=Paul Morris81
5Ian Jones50

Rallye R2 Cup

The BTRDA Rallye R2 Cup is open to all FIA homologated R2(B) cars. The current leaders are:-

1Robert Proudlock101
2Liam Clark97
3Tony Simpson57
4Alfie Hammond54
1Steven Brown101
2Ben Wild59
3Stefan Arndt57
4Phil Boyle36
5Peter Williams18