Championship Points and Information

BTRDA Gold Star Championship

The BTRDA Gold Star Championship is open to all registered drivers and co-drivers except where competing in vehicles eligible for the BTRDA 1400 Championship and the BTRDA Rally First Championship. The current leaders are:-

1Stephen Petch60
2=Russ Thompsom54
2=Patrick Naylor53
4Martin England49
5Andy Davison49
1Michael Wilkinson60
2=Andy Murphy54
2=Ian Lawrence54
4Dawn England50
5Tom Murphy50

BTRDA Silver Star Championship

The BTRDA Silver Star® Rally Championship is exclusively for two wheel drive cars and is the leading 2 Wheel Drive Rally Championship in the UK.  It is open to all competitors in classes B12, B11, B10, N3, R2, H1/2, H3 and H4.  The current leaders are:-

1Andy Davison58
2Ewan Tindall47
3Robert Wilson45
4Steve Ward43
5Fraser Anderson35
1Tom Murphy58
2Andrew Roughead48
3Martin Haggett47
4Mike Crawford44
5Sinclair Young38

BTRDA 1400 Rally Championship

The BTRDA 1400 Rally Championship is for vehicles up to 1400cc and includes classes 1400S and 1400C. The current leaders are:-


1Aaron Rix51
2Richard Garnett51
3=Chris Powell31
3=Richard Jordan31
5=Nigel Jenkins28
1=Robert Gilham51
1=Rob Cook51
3Jim Lewis31
4Christopher Row30
5=James Gratton-Smith29

BTRDA Rally First Championship

The BTRDA Rally First Championship is open to any 2 wheel drive Production Car up to 2000cc that complies with Motorsport UK Technical Regulations for Stage Rallies and the BTRDA Rally First Technical Regulations. It includes classes Class RF1.4 and RF2.0.  The current leaders are:-

1Simon Double31
2Andrew Wheatley30
3Joseph Keen28
1Jessica Mitchell31
2Oliver Wheatley30
3Paul Barbet28

BTRDA Historic Cup

The BTRDA Historic Cup is open to any Historic Stage Rally Car that complies with the appropriate Motorsport UK Technical Regulations. The BTRDA Historic Cup includes 3 classes.

The current leaders are:-

1Steve Ward37
2=David Gathercole21
2=Ben Friend21
4Tom Coughtrie18
5Ernie Lee1
1Mike Crawford38
2Cliff Simmons21
3Ian Fraser20
4Patricia Lee1

BTRDA Production Cup

All cars in classes NR4 and N3 will be eligible to score points in the BTRDA Production Cup. The current leaders are:-

1=Pat Naylor38
1=Scott Faulkner38
3Jonny Sproat18
4Alex Hawkins17
5Callum Hughes17
1=Ian Lawrence38
1=Steve Link38
3Ryan Griffiths18
4Abi Haycock17

Rallye R2 Cup

The BTRDA Rallye R2 Cup is open to all FIA homologated R2(B) cars. The current leaders are:-

1Ewan Tindall34
2Robert Wilson32
3Fraser Anderson28
4=Perry Gardener21
4=Elliot Payne21
1Andrew Roughead34
2Martin Haggett33
3Sinclair Young29
4=Andrew Sankey21
4=Michael Gilbey21

Rallye R5 Cup

The BTRDA Rallye R5 Cup is open to all FIA homologated R5 (VR5) cars. The current leaders are:-

1Martyn England38
2Dylan Davies36
3Karl Simmons18
4Sacha Kakad18
5Hugh Brunton2
1Dawn England38
2Llion Williams36
3Mark Glennerster18
4James Aldridge18
5Paula Swinscoe2