Looking forward to a renewed challenge in 2017

We are now three weeks away from the start of the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series and things are falling into place.
Firstly, we are very pleased that the Cambrian Rally will be going ahead on 11th February. It has been a very challenging time for all Stage Rally Event Organisers, particularly those using the iconic Welsh forest stages, but thanks to the tremendous effort of many people we are able to start the 2017 championship season off as planned in Llandudno. With forest stages such as Aberhirnant, and Llangower on the menu the Cambrian should certainly provide some Serious Fun.
If you have not yet entered the event then you can do so at www.cambrianrally.co.uk

Part of the continuing RAVENOL support package to encourage competitor participation includes a £60 voucher for Ravenol Motorsport engine and transmission oils and racing brake fluids for every driver that registers for the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series, up to and including round 3.
With annual BTRDA membership and registration for the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series and the Maxxis MSA English Rally Championship costing just £75 for a driver, this means the cost of the package has effectively been reduced to £15!  That is except for drivers under 25 who are joining BTRDA for the first time. For them the cost of membership and registration is already FREE so the RAVENOL £60 voucher is a bonus.  The £60 RAVENOL voucher will be e-mailed to drivers seperately after they have registered for the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series, and can be redeemed via the RAVENOL on-line shop at www.ravenol-direct.uk

As an extra incentive for drivers to register in advance, if you have done so by the 1st February then we will be able to post out the championship decals to you so that they can be put on the car before your first event.

In addition to RAVENOL UK continuing as title sponsor, we are pleased to confirm additional support from MAXXIS Tyres and that Thomas Panels, Revolution Wheels, Hyundai Genpower and Mintex will be continuing their valuable support. We are also particularly pleased to welcome back Reis. We are grateful to all our sponsors and we look forward to working with them during the forthcoming year.

This additional support means that we can confirm the TV coverage of the 2017 RAVENOL BTRDA Rally Series with dedicated programmes from each of the 8 events, plus more short clips to preview and review the action at events, produced once again by our friends at Special Stage.

Vital Equipment will be attending all the events the events in 2017 so we encourage all competitors to use their refuelling service and to order either their MSA Super Unleaded fuel or their Carless FIA spec 102 octane fuel via their on-line ordering facility. Link to Competitors page  Vital Equipment Fuel Order Form      NB: Fuel must be ordered in advance.

Finally, and rather belatedly, we do hope you enjoyed the Awards evening. Our thanks to Nikki for organising the evening and to everyone who came, especially all the award winners.  The photo includes some of the principal 2016 winners.  Photo courtesy of Writtle Photographic

A full list of all the 2017 winners and the recipients of the 2016 Special Awards which were announced on the night can be found in the Bulletins section.