The BTRDA is very pleased to announce an exciting new incentive for Junior Drivers contesting the JORDAN Road Surfacing BTRDA Rally Series which has been donated by Adam Kent, the 1998 BTRDA Gold Star Rally Champion.

Adam’s company, Install Automation Ltd, will provide a £2,500 prize fund for a leading BTRDA Junior Driver* to be used for entries to events in the 2020 BTRDA Rally Series.

The winner will be chosen by the BTRDA Rallies Committee from a short-list of the three drivers with the highest total points score on the remaining 4 rounds of the 2019 BTRDA Junior Championship, starting with the Plains Rally.  The prize will be presented by Adam at the 2019 BTRDA Rally Series Awards Evening in January.

“It’s 21 years since I won the BTRDA Gold Star Rally Championship said Adam, and it’s great to be able to put something back into the sport and provide some support to talented young drivers who were born around that time”

Home Automation & Lighting Control/Design


*  To qualify as a Junior Driver you must have been born on or after 1st January 1995.

Main photo is George Lepley / Tom Woodburn on the recent Rallynuts Stages.   21 year old George is currently leading the 2019 BTRDA Junior Drivers.  This new prize will be based on the scores from the remaining 4 events starting with the Plains Rally.