Previous Champions

The BTRDA Gold Star and Silver Star Rally Championships, now in their 69th year, have always been seen as the pinnacle of club rallying in the UK and to be a BTRDA Champion is a special accolade. Below is a list of all the BTRDA Rally Champions.

2023Gold Star ChampionsElliot PayneTom Woodburn
2023Silver Star ChampionsBen FriendCliff Simmons
2023Bronze Star ChampionsNigel JenkinsKaz Jenkins
2022Gold Star ChampionsElliot PaynePatrick Walsh
2022Silver Star ChampionsRob WrightMark Fisher
2022Bronze Star ChampionsPeter GorstMark Twiname
2021Gold Star ChampionsGarry PearsonNiall Burns
2021Silver Star ChampionsOwen McMackinSam Fordham
2021Bronze Star ChampionsSteve BlackPaul Morris
2020Cancelled - Covid Pandemic - -
2019Gold Star ChampionsEuan ThorburnPaul Beaton
2019Silver Star ChampionsGeorge LelpeyTom Murphy
2019Bronze Star ChampionsCallum BlackMichael Gilbey
2019Rally First ChampionsJoseph KeenMark Townson
2018Gold Star ChampionsMatt EdwardsDarren Garrod
2018Silver Star ChampionsGeorge LepleyTom Woodburn
20181400 ChampionsDave BrickToby Brick
2018Rally First ChampionsMatthew BaddeleyLiam Johnson
2017Gold Star ChampionsStephen PetchMichael Wilkinson
2017Silver Star ChampionsAshley DaviesAndrew Boswell
20171400 ChampionsEd FosseyChris Sharpe-Simkiss
2017Rally First ChampionsBart LangSinclair Young
2016Gold Star ChampionsCharlie PayneCarl Williamson
2016Silver Star ChampionsGavin EdwardsCaron Tomlinson
20161400 ChampionsJordan HonePaul Hone
2016Rally First ChampionsDominic HodgeStefan Arndt
2015Gold Star ChampionsDavid WestonKirsty Riddick
2015Silver Star ChampionsBoyd KershawAdrian Stevens
20151400 ChampionsDave BennettAlistair McNeil
2015Rally First ChampionsNick CarrJoe Sturdy
2014Gold Star ChampionsSteve PerezAled Davies
2014Silver Star ChampionsMatthew RobinsonSam Collis
20141400 ChampionsMat SmithGiles Dykes
2014Rally First ChampionsNick CarrJoe Sturdy
2013Gold Star ChampionsEuan ThorburnPaul Beaton
2013Silver Star ChampionsMatthew RobinsonAndrewBoswell
20131400 ChampionsJulian WilkesWill Rutherford-Child
2013Rally First ChampionsJoe EvettCalvin Houldsworth
2012Gold Star ChampionsShaun GardenerBen Innes
2012Silver Star ChampionsMatthew RobinsonNigel Hutchinson
20121400 ChampionsJulian WilkesWill Rutherford-Child
2012Rally First ChampionsCameron DaviesAlistair Dodd
2011Gold Star ChampionsAndy BurtonRobin Kellard
2011Silver Star ChampionsAllan McDowallGavin Heseltine
20111400 ChampionsDarren PinchinKaren Watts
2011Rally First ChampionsAshley SlightsThomas Hughes
2010Gold Star ChampionsSteve PerezPaul Spooner
2010Silver Star ChampionsJon BallingerAdam Jeffs
20101400 ChampionsMatt EdwardsSam Collis
2010Rally First ChampionsAshley SlightsThomas Hughes
2009Gold Star ChampionsDavid WrightRobin Hernaman
2009Silver Star ChampionsWill OnionsTim Hobbs
20091400 ChampionsGraham MiddletonPaul Wakely
2009Rally First ChampionsDave BennettAlistair McNeil
2008Gold Star ChampionsHugh HunterAndy Marchbank
2008Silver Star ChampionsFrank KellyAlistair Douglas
20081400 ChampionsDarren PinchinRobert Leigh
2008Rally First ChampionsDave BennettAlistair McNeil
2007Gold Star ChampionsWill NichollsNick Broom
2007Silver Star ChampionsGraham MiddletonJames Young
20071400 ChampionsClive WheelerKen Bartram
2006Gold Star ChampionsShaun GardenerBen Innes
2006Silver Star ChampionsPaul BarrettDermot Colgan
20061400 ChampionsNeil WeaverNick Thornton
2005Gold Star ChampionsRoger ChilmanAndrew Sankey
2005Silver Star ChampionsJames BeltonEurig Evans
20051400 ChampionsGeorge ThomasGraham Hopewell
2004Gold Star ChampionsGraham MiddletonJohn Morgan
2004Silver Star ChampionsPhilip SquiresMichael Squires
20041400 ChampionsIan EvansJustin Brooks
2003Gold Star ChampionsAndy BurtonRob Morgan
2003Silver Star ChampionsJon BallingerSimon Sparey
20031400 ChampionsShaun WoffindenHoward Pridmore
2002Gold Star ChampionsJohn PerrottPaul Spooner
2002Silver Star ChampionsJon BallingerAndy Salisbury
20021400 ChampionsRupert HopcraftSusan Hopcraft
2001Gold Star ChampionsVince WettonJoff Haigh
2001Silver Star ChampionsPhil CollinsCliff Simmons
20011400 ChampionsPaul GriffithsShaun O'Gorman
2000Gold Star ChampionsMartin MeadowsIan Oakey
2000Silver Star ChampionsAndy BurtonRob Morgan
1999Gold Star ChampionsNik ElsmoreIan Oakey
1999Silver Star ChampionsBrian BellPaul Spooner
1998Gold Star ChampionsAdam KentAndy Bull
1998Silver Star ChampionsTheo BengryLes Forsbrook
1997Gold Star ChampionsPete LittlerIan Oakey
1997Silver Star ChampionsWarren PhilliskirkEurig Evans
1996Gold Star ChampionsStuart EgglestoneSteve Egglestone
1996Silver Star ChampionsMatthew ClarkeRobert Dyson
1995Gold Star ChampionsRicky EvansIan Butcher
1995Silver Star ChampionsAndy BurtonRob Morgan
1994Gold Star ChampionsRicky EvansIan Butcher
1994Clubmans ChampionsAdrian StruthersGraham Law
1993Gold Star ChampionsNeil FreemanPeter Whatmough
1993Clubmans ChampionsSteve FrenchDick Lines
1992Gold Star ChampionsSteve PetchGeorge Tindall
1992Clubmans ChampionsJason BirdGeorge Tindall
1991Gold Star ChampionsRichie HolfeldEd Morgan
1991Clubmans ChampionsWill ClarkeGary Preston
1990Gold Star ChampionsAndy SharamAde Jefferies
1990Clubmans ChampionsMartyn AndrewsDenis Field
1989Gold Star ChampionsSimon PatonJudith Flavell
1989Clubmans ChampionsKieron PattersonMike Wilson
1988Gold Star ChampionsBill BartonDon George
1988Clubmans ChampionsBob MorleyGeoff Moss
1987Gold Star ChampionsIan BeveridgePat Beveridge
1987Silver Star ChampionsRon BeecroftMike Kidd
1987Clubmans ChampionsBrian BellRay Chapman
1986Gold Star ChampionsPeter DoughtyLyn Jenkins
1986Silver Star ChampionsSteve HillDave Kirkham
1985Gold Star ChampionsVince WettomChris Allen
1985Silver Star ChampionsRon BeecroftJohn Millington
1984Gold Star ChampionsClinton SmithStuart Dytham
1984Silver Star ChampionsGwyndaf EvansEdwin Evans
1983Gold Star ChampionsDarrel WeidnerStuart Dytham
1983Silver Star ChampionsTheo BengryPaul Watkins
1982Gold Star ChampionsTrevor SmithFi Beacon
1982Silver Star ChampionsMike HutchinsonNigel Harris
1981Gold Star ChampionsTrevor SmithFelicity Kerr
1981Silver Star ChampionsRon BeecroftJohn Millington
1980Gold Star ChampionsMalcolm PatrickRoger Jones
1980Silver Star ChampionsMick BriantDave Kirkham
1979Gold Star ChampionsGeoff SimpsonTerry Evans
1979Silver Star ChampionsMick BriantDave Kirkham
1978Gold Star ChampionsTim BriseBob King
1978Silver Star ChampionsBill GwynneTerry Thorp
1977Gold Star ChampionsMike BaylissRick Green
1977Silver Star ChampionsBill GwynnePete Forrester
1976Gold Star ChampionsGeoff SimpsonArthur Brick
1976Silver Star ChampionsMike PattersonDavid Taylor
1975Gold Star ChampionsDavid StokesBill Andrews
1975Silver Star ChampionsMick BriantColin Francis
1974Gold Star ChampionsGordon BatchelorRoger Jenkins
1974Silver Star ChampionsKeith WatkinsonDon Davidson
1973Gold Star ChampionsRichard IlliffeStuart Illiffe
1973Silver Star ChampionsJohn Edwards-PartonDavid Taylor
1972Gold Star ChampionsWill SparrowNigel Raeburn
1972Silver Star ChampionsFrank PiersonColin Francis
1971Gold Star ChampionsWill SparrowNigel Raeburn
1971Silver Star ChampionsFrank PiersonColin Francis
1970Gold Star ChampionsJim BulloughDon Barrow
1970Silver Star ChampionsWill SparrowNigel Raeburn
1969Gold Star ChampionsJohn BloxhamRichard Harper
1969Silver Star ChampionsLiz CrellinRon Crellin
1968Gold Star ChampionsColin MalkinJohn Brown
1968Silver Star ChampionsLiz BarlowRon Crellin
1967Gold Star ChampionsRoy FidlerBarry Hughes
1967Silver Star ChampionsJim BulloughDon Barrow
1966Gold Star ChampionsMalcolm GibbsRandal Morgan
1966Silver Star ChampionsMalcolm GibbsRandal Morgan
1965Gold Star ChampionsBrian MeliaBarry Hughes
1965Silver Star ChampionsPeter NoadMick Hayward
1964Gold Star ChampionsEric JacksonStuart Gray
1964Silver Star ChampionsDavid FriswellKeith Binns
1963Gold Star ChampionsTony FisherBrian Melia
1963Silver Star ChampionsReg McBrideDon Barrow
1962Gold Star ChampionsTony FisherBrian Melia
1962Silver Star ChampionsReg McBrideDon Barrow
1961Gold Star ChampionsBill BengryDavid Skeffington
1961Silver Star ChampionsBrian HarperTom Fisk
1960Gold Star ChampionsBrian HarperTom Fisk
1960Silver Star ChampionsArthur HobsonSaville Woolley
1959Gold Star ChampionsJohn SprinzelStuart Turner
1959Silver Star ChampionsK C Walker
1958Gold Star ChampionsRon GouldbourneStuart Turner
1958Silver Star ChampionsTom GoldWilly Cave
1957Gold Star ChampionsRon GouldbourneStuart Turner
1957Silver Star ChampionsBobby ParkesGeoff Howarth
1956Gold Star ChampionsJohn WaddingtonMike Wood
1956Silver Star ChampionsA Newsham
1955Gold Star ChampionsJohn WaddingtonMike Wood
1955Silver Star ChampionsEric Sneath
1954Gold Star ChampionsJimmy RayJohn Dixon
1954Silver Star ChampionsDr J T SpareM Meridith